After two and half years of designing and building with the talented digital products crew at Starbucks, I’ve left to join the team at Resy .

In 2017, I was lucky enough to continue working with my friends at REST and Canlis. I shot and directed a short film following Canlis’ 4,300 mile road trip across America. Watch it here.

I love Seattle and the people in it. I spend a lot of time exploring its complexities in search of some sense of understanding and justice. Naturally, this drives me to read and occassionally write out my thoughts for you to read. Admittedly, I still spend too much time on Twitter, talking about art, religion, race, and yes… politics. If that’s a big bust, you can follow my curated cinematic lifestyle on Instagram.

I always enjoy talking about new projects, from product design to filmmaking. Anything that might help us make a better world has my attention. Shoot me an email.