Canlis, Website (2016)

I met Brian Canlis at a party. He was wearing a wig.

Soon after he hired me to refresh their, at the time, Wordpress website that in no way represented their caliber of excellence. Canlis is undoubtably the best fine restaurant in Seattle and has recieved national recognition for it's wine program and chef Brady Williams at this year's James Beard Awards. The goal was, as is with most of my projects, to get down to what mattered most and let that shine. I wanted to focus on the photography, new typography, and let minimal copy speak for itself.

In addition to it's simple design, I wanted it be highly performant. With such an emphasis on photos, and most visitors coming from phones with LTE connections, I had to work extra hard to make sure speed was a priority. I wrote all of the code on the site, including the transactional gift card form. The site is built on a content management system that reads simple Markdown files and translates them into content.

This is an ongoing project. I look forward to the improvements, exciting historical content, etc. that we'll be adding in the months to come.

All work subject to its obvious copyrights. All Starbucks work with due credit to the dream team of super talented friends I'm collaborating with on all of it.