REST, Website & Branding (2015)

In 2012, REST had at least 3 logos. I had heard about the organization from a friend who'd been volunteering in their effort to get help and ultimately hope to the thousands of young girls in Seattle exploited for sex. As I learned more about the problem right under our noses, I was compelled to help. I approached the founders, offering to make them a single logo and clean up their image. This project evolved into a full branding exercise including the design and development of their website.

Much of the design, messaging, and photography you see in the social services world, especially as it relates to trafficking, is highly sensationalized and loud. Dripping mascara, chains, dirty textures, etc. This can be nearly as exploitative as the industry REST is fighting. I helped REST build a visual and written brand that sought to be the opposite. Peace, clarity and ultimately (and unironically) — rest were of the utmost priority.


I worked with REST founder Bridget Battistoni to create a 60 page brand guide. This helped ensure our ideals were carried out not just on the materials we made ourselves but the hundreds of others I'd never see.

70%+ of all traffic to comes from an iPhone. The mobile views needed to be fast and easy to navigate despite the lack of negative space that's such a big part of the identity.

2015 Annual Report

All work subject to its obvious copyrights. All Starbucks work with due credit to the dream team of super talented friends I'm collaborating with on all of it.