Starbucks Web App (2015 - Present)

In 2015, I was hired to build a team and completely overhaul Today, we've built a web app focused on transactional behavior, an intentional change from the mostly marketing driven site prior.

Our iOS/Android apps already account for over 30% of all transactions. Despite a totally outdated experience, most card reloads (all app transactions begin and end with a Starbucks card) still happen on the web. The app my team and I are building is not only a greatly improved user experience backed by extensive testing, it's made to evolve as the web does, using a future-facing JS code stack. A minimal set of design patterns are fed in to form each view from a dynamic Pattern Library that me, other designers, and developers collaborate on almost daily.

The full app is planned to be live by Fall.

All work subject to its obvious copyrights. All Starbucks work with due credit to the dream team of super talented friends I'm collaborating with on all of it.